Health program

Health is a major determinant of Indigenous peoples' ability to participate actively in society. The issues surrounding the health of Indigenous people in the greater Montreal area are multiple and reveal peculiarities that invite the development of culturally relevant approaches. Native Montreal aims to establish a health program and a continuum of complementary services to integrate it into Quebec's public health and social services system. To this end,  Native Montreal is currently planning a consultation of members of Greater Montréal's urban Indigenous community in order to assess their needs and expectations regarding this major determinant.
Montréal Autochtone is currently developing partnerships with strategic players in the health field, at the community, local, regional and federal levels. Native Montreal aims to provide culturally relevant and safe services and will ensure that all the partnerships that will be developed will provide culturally relevant and secure services as well. This involves establishing a trusting and respectful relationship while recognizing the impacts that socio-economic, psychosocial, and historical conditions have on the needs of an individual or community. Thus, the recognition and understanding of the specificities of Indigenous cultures by Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders not only builds the confidence needed to provide services, but also provides relevant support to Indigenous clientele.
For more information, please contact
Marie-Esther Chabot
(514) 331-6587 ext 209