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We are developing a learning and education success program that will offer a wide array of services that will support learning in an Indigenous way, that will enrich families' educational experiences, and that will support student success within the education system. So if you are a parent with children in early childhood, in elementary school or in high school, or if you are interested in or enrolled in adult education or post-secondary education, we really want to know your opinion on how we can help you. This form will allow us to get in contact with you so that we can hear your perspectives on your or your family's educational values and needs.

We are offering three different ways of communicating your perspectives to us. You will be asked to select one consultation activity from the following:

a) one-on-one discussions either over the phone or in person
b) small group discussions about specific age groups
c) an online survey

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Participants have a chance to win participation prizes : 

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