Hoop dance classes

Class description:

  • Perfect for integrating physical activity into your life while having fun!
  • Learn hoop dancing and other traditional dances. Classes are taught by a professional.
  • Discover the origins and traditions related to Indigenous traditional dances.
  • Have the chance to participate in the INTERnations dance collective.


October January 21st to February 25th 2018



Centre culturel Georges-Vanier, 2450 Rue Workman, Montréal, QC H3J 1L8, Canada

Registered members only.

For more information, contact : Avery Barnaby
Tel: 514-331-6587 ext 210 
Courriel: abarnaby@nativemontreal.com

Photo: INTERnations dance collective


Native Montreal's hoop-dancing troop, INTERNATION, is a dynamic inter-generational, inter-national performance troop. It combines different First Nation's dances, both traditional and contemporary styles, to create a unique and evolutionary experience. They encourage having a healthy lifestyle as well as communication and education between cultures to inspire a better relationship for all. You may have seen them perform in such places as Presence Autochtone/First People's Festival, the Botanical Gardens of Montreal, Powwows, and more.

 For more information on how to book our troop for an event or hoop dance classes registration, please contact Carole Bérubé at cberube@nativemontreal.com



INTERnations dance collective live performance