About us

Our Mission

Is to contribute to the holistic health, cultural strength and success of Indigenous families, individuals and community living in the greater Montreal area.

Native Montréal achieves its Mission by:

  • Promoting and supporting cultural development and recognition of Indigenous culture;
  • Providing high quality support and services in:
    • Health and healthy lifestyle;
    • Education and personal development;
    • Social economy and economic development.
  • Working in a spirit of genuine reconciliation and collaboration with partners who can contribute to our Vision and Mission.

Our Vision

Holistically healthy and culturally vibrant Indigenous families, individuals and community fully participating in the urban fabric of Montreal and successfully fulfilling their life goals, all in an active spirit of reconciliation

Our Organization

Established in 2014, our service center was founded by Indigenous people for Indigenous people. Our center, which targets the urban Aboriginal population in the greater Montreal area, offers over a dozen programs and services. As members of the friendship centres provincial and national associations, we benefit from a lot of support Canada-wide.

We are an Indigenous organisation that is associated to the Regroupement des centre d'amitié autochtone du Québec and to the National Association of friendship centers

Friendship Centres are Canada’s most significant off-reserve Indigenous service delivery infrastructure and are the primary providers of culturally enhanced programs and services to urban Indigenous residents.

For over half-a-century, Friendship Centres have been facilitating the transition of Indigenous people from rural, remote and reserve life to an urban environment. For many Indigenous people, Friendship Centres are the first point of contact to obtain referrals to cultural based socio-economic programs and services.

As a member of the provincial and national movement of friendship centers, Native Montreal is democratically governed, has an open door policy and is accountable to its membership.

Map of the friendship center movement across Canada